Having published including self published several books, this blog will provide the building blocks for not only publishing a book successfully, but all of the action items required to build your brand leading to successful sales.

We start off the blog this week discussing answering valuable questions as you build your plan. I am relaunching a franchise I started years ago. That post (Relaunching my franchise) is available on this website. The blogs includes the publishing plan I created for the franchise.

So, with that said, a few questions that MUST be answered BEFORE the book is not finished writing. The more you have prepared before the book is finished and ready for editing, not only will the costs be lower, but you will have given your book the best chance to be successful.

First question:

What genre will your work be?

There are so many genre’s out there If you have chosen the genre, great. If not, make this decision pretty quickly as it will determine which road you take for your book. For instance one important factor will be your editing. As well, how your book is marketed will be a key factor.

What method of publishing will be used for the manuscript?

There are still a few basic types of publishing models. There are pros and cons to the different models all depending on what the author prefers. An author might choose one model over another depending on a number of factors including time; finances; resources and more. If you don’t know, look at which model might be best. One of the most important steps is to ensure there is significant time to publish your manuscript. Don’t rush to publish. Each model has it positives and challenges. One challenge of traditional publishing is getting an agent to represent your work and find a publisher that will accept the manuscript. The plus about traditional publishing is the resources particularly marketing available and potential additional profits. The challenge of for example self publishing is the time it takes and effort including marketing to sell. The plus is all profit is the authors. This artlcle is a resource to help.

When do you want the manuscript to be published?

This is a very tough question. It all depends at the end, there is an article that can provide an idea. Bottom line it depends on a number of factors. How long it takes to get your manuscript edited; the cover; and more. It’s better to set the launch date further out rather than sooner. One must ask, why to set the launch date sooner rather than later? Select a date that allows for time to get all action items completed. Get your ducks in order. This includes a good launch date promotion plan. If you are traditionally publishing, the agent and other resources will likely have that in order.

There is a budge for everything. I don’t think most writers think about creating a budget for every aspect of writing or publishing. Often in the beginning of my publishing experience, I would invest financially in a marketing idea without really evaluating or researching the idea. Finally after a while, I realized how much money I was investing without ROI (Return On Investment). Now it’s about evaluating and estimating the return before investing. For this reason, publishing can be very expensive.  There is even the option of “testing” the idea or investing on a “trial” basis before fully investing. This way you can determine the ROI before you fully invest determining if this is a good idea. 

Consider creating a budget for all aspects of publishing. Plan, push out the publish date to ensure the finances are available before investing fully. What can you afford? Be aware, traditional publishing doesn’t save that much. 


Next week, we continue the questions. If you have any questions, feel free to inquire.


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