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The power of dragons anthology

In this sphere, Dragons rule, but with power comes conflict. Conflict leads to a war that may spill well into future generations!

Time is of no consequence, essentially. Mankind did not exist. On a planet far away in a galaxy different from any other are these powerful creatures. How they came about is another story.

These creatures inhabit the entire immense planet. This planet has become very dangerous if you are have a certain perspective. One side of the planet lives creatures that stand for good. The other side is those that hate any signs of good and those that support the cause of challenging leadership.


Listen to the Podcast as the story is developed.  More is coming.

End of the World

The world is pretty divisive. Religious people talk about the end of days being near. Specifically now that brother are against brother, mother against daughter etc.

What if what the religious is correct? Or what if there is another theory? What if the powers that bear in battle themselves. What if evil actually had found a way to get the upper hand?


End of the world

My Brothers

The agreement

Gabriel and the other angels were gone for a while. It looks like the authority to make this decision only resides with Gabriel and his angels. What seemed like eternity for Bruce. But waiting for eternity is worth it if it means a chance to save my brothers. They have no idea what they are in for. And so many more. ” I truly hope I get the chance” thought Bruce. Bruce could see and hear wailing, crying, screaming and the sounds to torture. On the others side, far away what looked like Abram. There, it looked like total peace. “When I used to hear about Heaven, I never realized what that would be like.”  “Looking I could get the sense, my soul knew what peace felt like just looking” he thought to himself.  Bruce could’t hear a thing over the wailing. It seemed they were doing something with their teeth. -gnashing. The longer he was there, the more concerned he became about avoiding and if not him, at least his brothers the dark side.

As Bruce pondered more about what he saw, he noticed a few of the angels looking his way. Did that mean, they were about to make a decision? The group parted Gabriel led the group his way.


What happens next. What is the decision.


Emotions – the potential end of mankind

Mankind has in the 21st century always thought there were other forms of life. This type of alien was never what he expected. 


The next story to add to my anthology. The first sci-fi genre.

All of the trips to the moon and thoughts about Mars and yet there maybe other forms of life out there. Is it normal for  the words “unprecedented” or “never recorded” used in a sentence frequently?


What other incredible stories in the anthology. Each week, I’ll give a taste.

My Brothers

Many years ago a man met a famous angel. This angel told him that it was his time. “Is it really? I have so many things to do”. I wasn’t mean to people but I didn’t finish” he said with panic in his eyes. “It is time. You had plenty of time” said the angel with determination. an. “Where am I going? he asked? “Over to the other side of the chasm replied the angel. Wait, what did I do wrong?



Can I save my brothers?

“If I can save my brothers, there will be so many that will believe in you.” begs Bruce. “Why should we break the rules for you? We have never ever considered this for anyone. There are the prophets and numerous believers they can listen to. If they won’t hear them, then they deserve destruction.

If we allow you to go back and warn your brothers, then we should allow that for everyone that has had a similar request.” says Gabriel.


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