relaunch september 2019

Relaunch – what is happening

Well, September is halfway through. What have I done? Well, it’s been hard. I”ve been working slowly, but have a workshop presentation which has taken my time. Additionally, I’ve been working on other multimedia projects, such as posting music and videos. The challenge has been working with the artist to get the images I need and want.

It’s quite frustrating that I have not been able to the rewriting I need to. With everything, it’s clearly difficult

I”ve decided that Thursday I will clearly spend some time on the rewrite.

Clearly having a plan would help. Yet I”m not consistent. I think it would be much easier if I were writing in a style that I was familiar with. “Show don’t tell” is one of the more difficult style to write in the first time. I never realized the importance of knowing what your style of writing is.

My original style was like playing a dungeons and dragons game. The more details the better. I thought the more the reader knows, the more they would be interested. But to focus on an audience of young adults, this style doesn’t work. So a different style is the key. Important to know, changing your style of writing can be a serious challenge. Needless to say a challenge that is worth it.


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Relaunch August 2019

Relaunch Update

I can imagine for those following, you wondered what has been happening.

Not much. As you can imagine when you have a job that keeps you busy, it creates less time for the things you love to do or any serious projects you have going.

It is important as I am learning just to do something each day. The challenge though is to make sure what content you do post, it has value. So for me, posting content when I’m exhausted doesn’t make sense.

I’ve committed to working this week on the book and doing the rewrite and a little of all of the stories including the anthology. Add to the list blogging a little and making music.

My hope is that by doing a little of everything progress will continue vs not doing anything for a week. I am believing that working on one project producing some content is better than doing none.


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Relaunching the Franchise July 2019

July 2019 Progress

As the process continues, I”m moving forward. I finally spoke with the editor who will be editing my re-write. Per the editor’s request, I sent the PDF version of the first book. I finally made the decision to re-write it myself. I had the option of doing a developmental edit or copyedit. I chose copyedit. That meant I have to re-write it better.

So we had our phone meeting. We discussed what my intent was with the franchise. Along with that was the audience. This included the age of the character and what age group the character currently written represented. Her view was it was for middle school, different than what I aimed for, which was young adult. Maybe I needed to change his age.

Further discussion lead to the importance of the style of writing the current version is in. I need to change it from telling what is and has happened to “Show don’t tell.” I wasn’t aware of this writing style, but I’m learning about it. It makes total sense. As well, I’m practicing a bit. As with any new style, practice is good. The hope is I’m able to “Show don’t Tell” well.

It’s interesting as well to be reading other books to get an idea of the style. A new journey. One that is exciting, challenging and hopefully a great story.


Check back again for the August.