relaunch appetizer

Lorenz Traveling Diaries excerpt

“The man looked a little irritated, but answered my question. “We

have ale, rum and goat’s milk. …Like it says on the sign behind me.”
I felt a little embarrassed and tried to quickly decide on something to get out of his hair. “I’ll have, uh …some ale.”

Imagine going to a different world not knowing what they drink?


Follow and see how the story progresses and changes. The current book is still available

The heart of the Holidays

The heart of the holidays

Mankind has been given an incredible gift. No other animal, no other creature has this gift.

The holidays, particularly Christmas is a time when we as mankind look outside of ourselves and tap into that special gift we have been given.

From the beginning of time, there has always been the “haves” and “have-nots”. I believe  there has always been the expectation that the “haves” would help the “have-nots” so mankind is balanced. When one group is left out in the cold both groups loose,

Take the time to use the special gift of the heart to touch. When we use that gift, in return someone else uses their gift on us.




relaunch september 2019

Relaunch – what is happening

Well, September is halfway through. What have I done? Well, it’s been hard. I”ve been working slowly, but have a workshop presentation which has taken my time. Additionally, I’ve been working on other multimedia projects, such as posting music and videos. The challenge has been working with the artist to get the images I need and want.

It’s quite frustrating that I have not been able to the rewriting I need to. With everything, it’s clearly difficult

I”ve decided that Thursday I will clearly spend some time on the rewrite.

Clearly having a plan would help. Yet I”m not consistent. I think it would be much easier if I were writing in a style that I was familiar with. “Show don’t tell” is one of the more difficult style to write in the first time. I never realized the importance of knowing what your style of writing is.

My original style was like playing a dungeons and dragons game. The more details the better. I thought the more the reader knows, the more they would be interested. But to focus on an audience of young adults, this style doesn’t work. So a different style is the key. Important to know, changing your style of writing can be a serious challenge. Needless to say a challenge that is worth it.


Check back for more later.