Relaunch Franchise – developing the budget

I completed the writing assessment – asking a number of questions before focusing on the writing. The the hardest I think next step is developing the budget for all aspects of the series.

The last few days, outside of working my real job, I’ve been looking at the costs associated with self publishing. I found a good article that talked about the many resources out there to help with self publishing. Nothing yet on actual costs of getting the services.

So for editing, the internet says general costs are $1260 fo copyediting or  $5600.

Next step is to get costs for 5 book covers. The artist did indicate he would like to do the typesetting for the books.  This might possibly mean a discount.

Once I have developed a budget for editing, art, uploading to distribution services, then focus on marketing.

I don’t want to do what I did when I published my first book, spend money without a plan. When you are doing your first book, the focus is about getting that first book out. In this effort a lot is spent without a plan. Mistakes become costly.

This time around I have developed a plan. This journey will be different and the results, the Franchise will be different. I will finish it.

Next question to answer –

  • What type of cover would you like for this manuscript? 

Lorenz Traveling Diaries Franchise Long Term Plan

Launch date of franchise

January 5, 2020

To make this work total focus on the franchise


Is this a series?


How many books in the series?

Present Stories – 5

Past leading up to present – ?

Franchise story types





January 2020

Type of Publishing for franchise

self – publish

Decide on publishing service

Decide on Distribution

No budget developed yet


Editing- re edit first 2 in the series


Art – Look at covers for first 2

New cover for 3-5

New cover for comic

type of comic


TBD – stage one – type of videos


Social media marketing


Book Fair/Show 


Promotional material

Franchise material – bookmarks


Story cards(business cards)

Publishing (





KDP Select




Ages 8-1

March 2019

Begin writing plan for franchise

Write the journal every other day

Build the budget 

Look at average costs for all marketing services

Look at average costs associated with publishing

Build the time management plan

How much time do I have to devote to the franchise each day

After completion of each action item, evaluate it’s efficiency and effectiveness 

Relaunch Franchise Journal

The relaunching journey

I recently spoke with the artist who did the art work for the “Lorenz Traveling Diaries” franchise.  He suggested to revive this franchise idea. I thought why, recognizing the how difficult the publishing landscape is today. It is so competitive.

I decided to listen to his suggestion. In evaluating whether to do this again, I decided ask myself the same questions and create a plan I have suggested to many upcoming aspiring writers.

First question was “when would I want to launch this book?” First I had to ask myself, did I want to republish the first 2 books? I decided I would. So that meant re-editing. So the first step was to develop a plan. Part of that plan would have to be focusing totally on this franchise.

No other writing would be considered. And my music would take a backseat.

The next blog will step by step looking and developing my plan.

Those interested follow along with the journal of my relaunch. Maybe for those authors who are looking at publishing this might be of assistance. Knowing all I know about publishing journalling will help me make sure hopefully this relaunch is a success.