My Brothers

The agreement

Gabriel and the other angels were gone for a while. It looks like the authority to make this decision only resides with Gabriel and his angels. What seemed like eternity for Bruce. But waiting for eternity is worth it if it means a chance to save my brothers. They have no idea what they are in for. And so many more. ” I truly hope I get the chance” thought Bruce. Bruce could see and hear wailing, crying, screaming and the sounds to torture. On the others side, far away what looked like Abram. There, it looked like total peace. “When I used to hear about Heaven, I never realized what that would be like.”  “Looking I could get the sense, my soul knew what peace felt like just looking” he thought to himself.  Bruce could’t hear a thing over the wailing. It seemed they were doing something with their teeth. -gnashing. The longer he was there, the more concerned he became about avoiding and if not him, at least his brothers the dark side.

As Bruce pondered more about what he saw, he noticed a few of the angels looking his way. Did that mean, they were about to make a decision? The group parted Gabriel led the group his way.


What happens next. What is the decision.

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