Relaunch Franchise

Now that the franchise plan is almost complete, I thought I would take a moment to reread and redo the last version of the original Lorenz Traveling Diaries – Worlds.

The original was from the first person’s perspective.  I have decided to change the perspective to 3rd person and present day. Why? I think it will help enhance the reading experience.

I don’t think changing the perspective will have a great deal of impact on the experience. What I would like is for the reader to engage with his/her imagination. For those who have played and experienced Dungeons and Dragons, this series will be like playing that incredible game.

Where am I now? I am slowly writing or rewriting the first book – Lorenz Traveling Diaries- Worlds. Also asking questions to determine the editor. Questions such as ” Does it matter if the editor specializes in a particular genre? After speaking with a  couple of editors from a group (“I Made It Marketing Success Group”) So my goal is find an editor that has expertise with fantasy genres. I think this might be a plus.

The challenging part of this process is being I have to work. Finding time and energy ensuring a good level of creativity is important also.

The next step is to locate an editor, have them review the current version and get an estimate of how the current version should be changed. For example, when talking about the relationship with Lorenz’ aunt and brother, change the severity of that relationship. This could change the price.

As far as the budget is concerned, I will plan on $1000 for editing. I will contact the artist to consider keeping the same cover or modifying it. The typesetting , the artist has agreed to do it which is surprising. His concern is to make sure it’s good. I also have ISBNs available for the series.  This isn’t going to cost much.

I have a couple of days that I can focus on rewriting the story a bit. Let’s get going!

The Draegon Grey Experience

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