Relaunch November

Relaunch progress

Relaunching or rewriting a series definitely can be challenging. Several challenges arise. Time management of course is one of the biggest. Taking each day at a time, one sentence at a time helps.

Something I recently learned was while listening to an audiobook, Lord of the Rings, I realized there were descriptions that I should add. For instance there are scenes I could add what the weather is like or where the sun is. Or even the time of day. Such detail as whether or not there is a breeze or scorching heat or blistering cold.

As I listened I recalled sections of the story I needed to add to.

For a long time I thought because I barely had enough time to write, reading or listening to audiobooks reading other books was not a smart use of time. Now I realize differently.

The important part is to balance.


Check back to find out my progress.

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