Relaunching the Franchise July 2019

July 2019 Progress

As the process continues, I”m moving forward. I finally spoke with the editor who will be editing my re-write. Per the editor’s request, I sent the PDF version of the first book. I finally made the decision to re-write it myself. I had the option of doing a developmental edit or copyedit. I chose copyedit. That meant I have to re-write it better.

So we had our phone meeting. We discussed what my intent was with the franchise. Along with that was the audience. This included the age of the character and what age group the character currently written represented. Her view was it was for middle school, different than what I aimed for, which was young adult. Maybe I needed to change his age.

Further discussion lead to the importance of the style of writing the current version is in. I need to change it from telling what is and has happened to “Show don’t tell.” I wasn’t aware of this writing style, but I’m learning about it. It makes total sense. As well, I’m practicing a bit. As with any new style, practice is good. The hope is I’m able to “Show don’t Tell” well.

It’s interesting as well to be reading other books to get an idea of the style. A new journey. One that is exciting, challenging and hopefully a great story.


Check back again for the August.

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