Relaunching the franchise July 2019

July Progress

After several agonizing days, I decided that I would rewrite the books first. I think it would be definitely more expensive to edit developmentally. I’m sure there would be a lot that I would probably want to adjust. To leave that all up to the editor, might not be a good idea. I believe that would place a large amount of responsibility on the editor.

By me doing it myself, I then control how the story changes. The technical change in the voice would be something the editor could correct if necessary. The simple or maybe not simple, but the task of making sure the voice is correct.

I also have ideas of changing some of the scenes possibly. I’ve also changed some things in the beginning emphasizing some parts of the story. Changing the story to tug at the hearts residually reaching more hearts. The story becomes successful if more readers can relate.

It’s gonna take more commitment to finishing sooner so I can give the manuscript to the editor. The goal is to send the new manuscript by September. I’m hoping this is a goal I can achieve.  So far i have worked on the rewrite everyday since June 30.

Besides this, I’ve started working on writing my other short stories. Pay attention, you’ll see some of them on the site.

Check back for the net update.

The Draegon Grey Experience

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