SPECTRUM The Man of light

The Challenge of power

How does a superhero stay normal yet knowing deep down inside there is something bigger. How do you maintain your secrecy while trying to save and help those needing protection?

One day, lightning changed the life of this young boy. While sitting in the Church with his parents near a piano listening to the musician play while melodious Acappela words are sung by  the choir.

A severe storm with a supercell that reached into space. Lightning coming from the atmosphere struck the church. The choir never stopped during the storm. The sounds of the choir and the storm put the boy in a trance.

The charge from lightning ran through the steeple through the wiring to the power outlet near where Ulysses sat.

The light was so bright, the choir sang louder not realizing what was happening.

Imagine seeing an incredibly bright light while singing in the church.

Shortly thereafter, a choir member happened to notice Ullysses was unconscious.


What happened next?

The Draegon Grey Experience

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