The world of lorenz

There was a time during the second epoch, when peace and prosperity existed throughout the lands. An incredible force, cigam, had become a major part of society. It was a source of energy that—combined with nature—could heal wounds and illness and helped to create a world of harmony. Cigam had always existed, yet few knew of it. Even fewer could use it, much less master it. Some feared the power as unholy or unnatural, but once in the right hands, cigam brought forth an age of serenity at a time when all the living beings of the world had been at desperate odds with one another.

A well-intentioned group of cigamians worked
tirelessly to this end. They would be there to right wrongs— rejuvenating the sick, composing the disturbed of heart, mending the broken, and bringing balance back. People were able to rest easy once again, knowing that there were others out there to help them.

Those who learned cigam were individuals of many
races and origins throughout the globe. The many cigamians spent countless hours studying and learning all they could
to properly wield the power. When they were called upon
in times of need, they did not hesitate to respond. They understood that their abilities were important in their communities and accepted the burden of their skills. The users of cigam often believed it was their purpose in life toassist those who needed their help. From aiding the infirm todefending the towns from wild beasts, the cigamians toiled in their research, discovering ever more spells.

As these people delved deeper into the practice of cigam, its uses and purposes expanded. Its effect increased not only on mankind, but upon beasts and objects as well. Those
who became very skilled with cigam eventually learned how to transfer some of its power to objects. A stick became a wand, a mere hat could be worn as a helmet, and plain water and leaves could make a potent healing salve. This furtherelevated the significance of the cigamians within their

communities. Not only did they provide useful tools for work and medicine, their cigam-imbued products could be sold or traded to other towns and villages, which caused a boom in those local economies that were lucky enough to have such talented cigmanians.

As the ability to use cigam became a highly prized skill, non-cigamians who wanted to get in on the rewards quickly found that despite their effort, not just anyone could master it. Cigam itself almost seemed to choose who could wield its power and the energies would thus resonate favorably within certain folk. Over generations, the select few users grew

into many who grew up to learn the ways of cigam. Family traditions began to emerge. Children born into families
of cigamians would begin their training early on, some gradually mastering the skill and the others failing to move beyond the basics.

In the end, many were destined to become adept cigamians. Unfortunately, with so many people across the globe joining the ranks of the cigamians, the abuse of cigam’s power was inevitable. Gifted users were loved and respected and they quickly gained political and social prominence within their communities. Desirous of greater wealth or glory, it wasn’t long before a few cigamians started to use their powers more for personal gain. They believed that they deserved more, and so twisting the minds of the weak-willed and cutting deals with thugs and gangs, the shrewder ones who abused cigam’s energies were able to become powerful beyond belief.