The End of The World


Many, many moons ago, long before man was even imagined as a blink in the immense stratospheric minds of those with immeasurable power, whose very presence was beyond any known explanation, forces were waiting to control everything that was to come. It was ab aeterno once the first life blinked into existence and from that instant, a battle seemed to be brewing. It was then that the one who possessed control over all beings decided that another of the powerful should pay the ultimate price – banishment for his greediness.

“I did nothing to deserve exile,” thought Norevilania, who was the second most powerful being in existence. “I will get my revenge; I will soon be the one who is ruling. Let him see what it means to be banished.”

Beings known as Etherials roam the sky constantly in peace and harmony. They always glide effortlessly over the terrain of green and blue. Time being of no consequence to them, they enjoy the beautiful exhibition of light, and they bring joy to the skies which are already glistening with colors of blue, yellow and green, cascading ubiquitously. The scene seemed to underline serenity, ensuring constant happiness and joy to all who existed there. Just the possibility of banishing a colleague caused that light to fluctuate, the only time it ever had. Sorrow permeated the peace and harmony for a brief moment. Everything was a part of the unknown.

They didn’t know how to react; it was all so new. One could hear murmurings and grumblings. It was more than not knowing what it meant. It was an embodiment of the unknown. To them, it was actually the seeds of chaos.


Appearing from the dust of the cosmos, a cloaked Lleangellia hovered silently over the west coast. She viewed the scene in the two-story brick Victorian house.

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