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“Doing Writing as Usual”


The idea of writing and publishing a book seems definitely inviting. Making a career just writing, wow. That sounds amazing. All I have to do is write while someone else does all of the marketing and promotion. 

This was the idea a while ago. Then came along “self publishing.”  The idea of doing it yourself. Bypass all of the hurdles and rejection of traditional publishing. Plus it’s more reasonable. 

Self publishing is in many ways a big plus, very sweet. The sour portion is today’s writers are expected to do everything themselves. Basically writers today are business owners. 

This means not just writing, but hiring your editor, artist, publishing services, marketing, social media promotion and brand developing. What I haven’t mentioned is book signings, book fairs and shows. 

This is not to discourage but to bring reality to the process of publishing. The chance for success is more likely if writers can develop a plan. This plan would be like a map used when taking a road trip.  Not only must a writer know which direction to go, but create a budget for costs and expenditures.

Most authors think about the royalties that come from sales first. Amazon has essentially set the standard for selling. It takes time and hard work to climb the Amazon ladder. With any distribution service comes the cost. The services that provide or promote full royalties have their drawbacks too. 

If royalties are the main focus, frustration can set in easily. The focus must be developing the brand. Everything else will fall into place in time. This is where the budget helps. Knowing how much investment the process will require will minimize how much publishing debt there will be impacting how quickly royalties will commence. 

Know, there is no quick way or circumventing the process. Having a brand will speed up the process. 

As Richard Branson’s book “Screw Business as Usual” says, “I’ve written this book for the new wave of entrepreneurs as well as for existing businesses who are transforming their organizations at the same time as trying to develop a business and to make a living…)” (by Richard Branson page 2 of Forward)

Before an author should consider starting the process of publishing, develop a plan for all aspects of the publishing process. There are many aspects to it. Years ago, traditional publishers did this the work for you leaving authors only needing to write the story. This is no longer true! If authors don’t invest in a plan while expecting to do most of the work themselves, they will not be successful branding leading to top notch sales. 

The author being the one to write, market, promote, hire editors, artist, identifying their audience and connecting with them as well as communicating with them is the new way of publishing. Without this, there won’t be a career in publishing. 

If authors are willing to commit to a plan, budget and tracking, then there is a high potential for publishing success. 

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