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A battle causing him to grow

Lorenz faces his first major battle. He grows up!



Little did he know what would come on this journey. He’s never really had battle experience.

Lorenz puts on his armor. He and Danelo both drew their swords. They scanned their surroundings for the source of the sound, but it was impossible to see anything through all the trees and plants. Unni had readied his bow while Okin was hanging onto his axe.(what or who was coming?)

While the group waited to see if the intruder would approach, Danelo asked Lorenz what gifts he had to help in the fight.

“Well, I have an enchanted sword and armor and I know a little cigam” he replied. (What will an enchanted sword do?)

“Good. We will need it,” he said gravely.(What does he know that the others don’t?)

Finally, they heard a mixture of heavy footsteps and something being dragged down the path.(Now that sounds scary! What weapon could protect them?)

“C’mon ya filthy beasts,” whispered Okin as he readied his axe in hand.(Now that is a dwarf that’s ready.  Sounds like “Gimly” from Lord of the Rings)

Get the book and find out how the battle ends! Does Lorenz survive? Is he able to help?


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