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Publishing, Is it complicated or easy?

Publishing today is very easy. You can even publish for free. That was never the case.

Now a days, the work begins AFTER the manuscript has received the ISBN. The work now is about building a brand – who is this writer? Unless your books goes viral, or you are known product, then the work starts at the bottom up.

I have spoken and worked with many writers, those who have published one manuscript and several. What I have learned is many published authors don’t want to put the work and effort into selling their books.  Some think Amazon or other distributors will do the job. They will market the manuscript, but for a cost. Nothing today is free. And even though you can publish for free, there is a cost associated with selling.

If interested in publishing a manuscript, as yourself a few questions:

Am I ready to begin the process of publishing?

Do I have the time to invest in the process and beyond?

How much do I have financially to invest?

What supportive resources do I have at my disposal?

How familiar am I with marketing and social media?

By answering some of these questions, you’ll be able to determine if now is the time to start the process of publishing.

Listen to a few podcasts by Darryl Gregory of Publishing Magic

Again, ask yourself these questions. If the answer to the first question is No, then do some research before starting the process. Consider obtaining a resource such as a publishing coach.

If you have already published but struggling to sell, have you evaluated what you have done to see if it’s worked?


This podcast talks about many of the steps involved in the publishing process


This podcasts talks about the pros and cons of the types of publishing

Information that is vital to understanding the process of publishing.

Save time and money with making this initial investment


About draegon

A writer/publishing consultant using all resources to bring stories to life! I have written several books and comics. Also owned a publishing company. Currently a co-creator of a new program sponsored by the Dallas Public Library - I Made it Marketing Success program- get author's books into the library's collections. Along with conducting workshops for writers. Goal - help writers meet their writing goals and expectations.

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