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She’s Hot!!

Darkness of Internal Conflict


On a flight from the East coast to the West, 2 people destined to meet. She is going to fulfill her dream – a flight attendant. He, well let’s just say he has some demons. The one thing he has going for him is he’s very smart and handsome.

What is not known are his demons. What are they?

On the flight, Sebastian Thompson, who is traveling alone sits in an aisle seat towards the back of the main cabin of the plane. Sitting approximately 2 rows forward is Alexandria .

After 2 hours into I the flight, Alexandria Washington realizes she needs to use the restroom. She proceeds to get up from her seat, an aisle seat as well.

She rises from her seat, as she looks up,  her eyes stop abruptly and rests upon a chiseled manly face with incredible green eyes. Not realizing it, she had stopped in the middle of the aisle. Fixed on her were not just the eyes, but the soul of Sebastian. For the brief moment there were no other souls around. The universe was about them.

How will they meet? Sebastian sitting in his seat thinks about how to get her attention. Alexandria sees a handsome man and wonders how to make a connection.

As she gets up to use the lavatory, she through her eyes let’s him know she is interested. It’s important not to be show him she is overly interested. She must leave room for him to pursue her. Her thoughts are even though they live in the 20th century where women now can take the lead or be the go getter, Alexandria is still from the mindset, the man makes the first move.

Sebastian realizes she is interested. He has dated enough to know the signs from a woman when he is interested. It’s much tougher being on the plane. It’s no one else’s business if he’s found a sexy woman he wants to date. The other challenge is the voice inside of him is also competing. Who is this voice? What does this voice represent? Is this side personality dangerous? Why is there a conflict?

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A writer/publishing consultant using all resources to bring stories to life! I have written several books and comics. Also owned a publishing company. Currently a co-creator of a new program sponsored by the Dallas Public Library - I Made it Marketing Success program- get author's books into the library's collections. Along with conducting workshops for writers. Goal - help writers meet their writing goals and expectations.

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