When Love is so strong

When love is so strong and you struggle with happiness sometimes. The struggle with happiness comes from not getting everything from the relationship you want. Is there a perfect marriage? Relationship? Is the grass greener in another’s backyard?

Was it that I changed? Did I enter into a relationship where I was never going to be totally happy?


When we first met, the part of that I loved about this relationship was the sex. It was great. We had sex regularly, meaning at least once or twice a week. Something changed within the year. We stopped having as much sex. Some things got in the, the kids and the animals. Should I have expected that?  Was I prepared for the relationship changing? Now I still love, but frustration has settled in. Do I stay or do I go?

This is my story about my relationship and answering the question of stay or go. Love brings expectations that are not always what one can live with. Are my needs more important than the survival of the relationship if other parts of the relationship are good?