My life is good

I met someone and

my life is good. This person completes my life


Have you ever met that special person that makes you feel good all the time? Their very presence makes you heart beat a little faster? When you look into their eyes, it’s like butter sitting on a warm stove, your heart begins to melt like.

It is highly likely this is love. It is a wonderful feeling. Things can change. Remember anything of value requires WORK.




Chilling on the couch

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Play Pause

Do you know how to move?

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SPECTRUM The Interview

A Moment with SPECTRUM


LOCAL Anchor DJ Johnson:

What happened that you ended up being a superhero?



I really don’t like the term “Superhero.” It’s not about being special and in the lime light so to speak.  Do most people know superheroes? Or are most people that are different considered superheroes?


I don’t believe so. Most are just considered who they are. Being different doesn’t mean you are a superhero. But don’t you think you are a bit different, not like the average person?

Yes I am different. Different than most, maybe. Growing up, I would have never imagined myself as a superhero. When I think of what I thought of a superhero as a child, they were powerful; stood for good; protected the weak or those that needed protection against the evil, or people that want to do harm to others.

Does that name, superhero have the same meaning as it did years ago?


I don’t know, that is a good question. Times have changed. If there was another name, what would you call yourself?


 Hmmm,  I would say I am a “Defender” or “Protector” for the innocent. In my opinion, a superhero is more of a sort glamour title. In real times, that is not something that sticks. Plus for me, it puts a lot of extra pressure to solve all problems. Do you really think I can solve all of the problems in the world?


Possibly depending upon your power.


I don’t think so. Nor do I want to. If I tried, then I am not likely to have a life of my own.


You want a life of your own? But isn’t fighting crime or “defending or protecting” your whole life?


It is the majority of my life. It’s not my entire life. If it was, it’s highly possible I would burn out. I don’t want that to happen. Let me answer your original question.

This all happened one day when I was in church.  As a child, my family, particularly my mom and dad were heavy church goers. We didn’t miss a Sunday.  This one Sunday we went even though we knew a bad storm was coming. In the town I grew up in, severe weather was a regular thing in the summer.

Growing up with this, I wasn’t really afraid to go. So while we were there, the storm passed through. It was a small church. Almost like a house church. I sat where I normally sat, near the piano. I liked listening and watching the music director play the piano. Heavy lightning was in the storm. Even though it was still light outside, the lightning was very bright.


Wow, and you weren’t nervous?


Like I said I was used to it even at that young age.  I was even ok when the lights were flickering a bit. Shortly after the 3rd flicker. I don’t remember much after that. My dad told me what happened.


In short, what did he say happen?


He said was knocked out and in a coma for several years. My family went through a lot after that happened. I guess you could say my faith was challenged after that. He said when I woke, the first thing I asked for was my mom and brother. He said he witnessed several times me having bad dreams. He wasn’t sure I was going to make it.


It seems we have run out of time for today. I wonder if you will come back to finish your story? I am sure you are busy as well and probably have some criminal or bad person to go after(laughing).


Sure I’ll come back. I want people to see me for who I  am. I don’t want people to have unreasonable expectations of me. I also know there are those out there to take me down.


If they do, I am sure they will regret it. Thanks SPECTRUM! We look forward to meeting with you again.

Follow as SPECTRUM shares a bit about himself, one the greatest defenders of our time possibly!