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Love so strong

When Love is so strong When love is so strong and you struggle with happiness sometimes. The struggle with happiness comes from not getting everything from the relationship you want. Is there a perfect marriage? Relationship? Is the grass greener in another’s backyard? Was it that I changed? Did I enter into a relationship where […]

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She’s Hot!!

Darkness of Internal Conflict   On a flight from the East coast to the West, 2 people destined to meet. She is going to fulfill her dream – a flight attendant. He, well let’s just say he has some demons. The one thing he has going for him is he’s very smart and handsome. What […]

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My life is good

I met someone and my life is good. This person completes my life   Have you ever met that special person that makes you feel good all the time? Their very presence makes you heart beat a little faster? When you look into their eyes, it’s like butter sitting on a warm stove, your heart […]

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