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  • First Month of Publishing

    Publishing What happens in the first month of publishing? Continued writing of the manuscript Reading of the manuscript in preparation for submission to editor Research to locate an editor Research to locate an artist What about:     Budget? What about:     Planning What about:     Social Media Platforms? It will help having

  • Are you sure?

    Why do you want to become an author?       Check out Draegon Grey’s PBT tool   Need publishing resources? Send email and what sources are needed! draegongrey1@yahoo.com

  • What is “INVESTMENT DEBT?”

    WRITING INVESTMENT DEBT  One might ask what is it? Of course it is debt. Similar to credit card debt; debt that is accrued through investing in writing and or publishing services. It is not paid off until enough sales from the manuscript have been made to eliminate it. This is a subject that many don’t

  • Publishing 2017

    Are you a new writer? How will you decide on the type of publishing, ie Self, Traditional? Vanity? Don’t make the decision based on finances only. Do the research and figure out the best type of publishing that fits your manuscript, budget and time. Remember this is the beginning of the journey. This also will

  • The future of publishing and writing

    What is the future for publishing and writing?   “People don’t care about your book,(Brian Erwin)” I remember Brian saying to me. “They care about the Internet itself.”  Instead of marketing the book, we used the book to market the Internet(Tim OReilly; OReilly Media) Is this true? This article was written in 2012.  Is it

  • Did you THINK about?

    Something that should be done BEFORE publishing the manuscript If you know who your ‘target’ audience is before publishing the manuscript, it makes marketing slightly easier. Considerations What age group? Are the potential readers interested your genre? What other genres might they be interested in? What is the locale of likely readers? What genre is close

  • Publishing Assessment

    ASSESSING YOUR PUBLISHING RESULTS When was the last time you, a self published author re-evaluated your publishing results? Looked at your sales figures; determined what your distribution channels were; looked at your marketing results; determined which social media platforms were the best for your product? Many authors tend to leave this up to LuLu or

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