Publishing Assessment


When was the last time you, a self published author re-evaluated your publishing results? Looked at your sales figures; determined what your distribution channels were; looked at your marketing results; determined which social media platforms were the best for your product?

Many authors tend to leave this up to LuLu or Amazon, SmashWords etc to manage. Many may feel publishing consultation is not a VALUE. Yet the investment costs continue to rise hoping for sales to eventually increase or improve. The landscape has changed. You as the author must manage this. Most don’t have time being they have other full time responsibilities. 

Publishing evaluation is very valuable and should be done at least a minimum of every quarter depending upon how much marketing and promotion is being done. With so much to do these days, planning is the only way to make it work. If a writer is unwilling to take the time to plan, the possibility of success(selling) diminishes rapidly.

Take a moment to evaluate what has been done; the results; what must be done next; and if it is viable. Before committing to a particular plan, testing is a least expensive way to find out if the plan works.  Again, without a plan, a map, success won’t happen!!

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