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  • She’s Hot!!

    Darkness of Internal Conflict   On a flight from the East coast to the West, 2 people destined to meet. She is going to fulfill her dream – a flight attendant. He, well let’s just say he has some demons. The one thing he has going for him is he’s very smart and handsome. What

  • Publishing, Is it complicated or easy?

    Publishing today is very easy. You can even publish for free. That was never the case. Now a days, the work begins AFTER the manuscript has received the ISBN. The work now is about building a brand – who is this writer? Unless your books goes viral, or you are known product, then the work

  • First Month of Publishing

    Publishing Do aspiring published writers know what is involved in publishing? At what level of commitment to success are most authors? How much of an investment do most authors expect What about:     Budget? What about:     Planning What about:     Social Media Platforms? It will help having a plan for publishing!

  • Are you sure?

    Why do you want to become an author?       Check out Draegon Grey’s PBT tool   Need publishing resources? Send email and what sources are needed! draegongrey1@yahoo.com

  • Did you THINK about?

    Something that should be done BEFORE publishing the manuscript If you know who your ‘target’ audience is before publishing the manuscript, it makes marketing slightly easier. Considerations What age group? Are the potential readers interested your genre? What other genres might they be interested in? What is the locale of likely readers? What genre is close

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